• Ensure that the vital services, like our recreation programs, that Saratoga's working families rely on are fully funded. 

  • Oversee the budget process, and make sure working families aren't bearing the brunt of the economic downturn in a post-COVID world. 

  • Work to provide our small businesses the resources they need to safely reopen, and provide whatever aid possible to help them survive this recession. 

  • Convene a select mayoral commission on housing insecurity in the city. 

  • Deal with housing insecurity head-on, not by trying to bus the homeless to other municipalities, only for them to return to our city in the same situation. 

  • David recognizes that many Saratogians are, if not homeless, stuck in unsafe or unstable housing situations. We must build more affordable housing, not just more luxury condos, to make sure every Saratogian has the opportunity to live comfortably in their community.  

  • Support any and all legislation that shelters working class families from economic austerity. ​​